Bob & Tom Show

Mornings 5:AM – 10:AM & Saturdays 6:AM – 10:AM

The BOB & TOM show is a hilarious blend of comedy, talk, news, and sports heard by over 5 million listeners across the nation daily, direct from the 86th floor of the Friggemall broadcasting complex in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each Morning the crew chat about today's topics, take phone calls, and interview comedians and other guests, all of which can be heard nationwide. The guys also receive phone calls from a number of frequent friends of the show including Donnie Baker, Kenny Tarmac, Larry King, Floyd Tucker, Ernie Furglar and Jumbo the Elephant.


Middays 10:AM – 2:PM & Sundays 2:PM – 6:PM

Callie isn't the voice of a generation, or really the voice of anything, but she is a voice and that counts for something, right? She's a Central Coast native, SLO college kid (sorta) and your friendly neighborhood drunk. She gives back to the community by always tipping the pizza delivery guy and never being too busy to chase a kid off of your lawn. Why was she even on your lawn? I dunno, that sounds like a "you" problem. Callie pretends to know what she's doing middays on ALT 93.7. Here's Callie getting too personal with some pizza - it's one of the less awful ones she has.



Afternoons 2:PM – 7:PM & Saturdays 2:PM – 7:PM

Hammer likes music, beer, music about beer and all other ill shit. Proud father as well when not fighting crime. His mom thinks he's cool and that's all that matters to him. That and what's for dinner tonight. 

"Check out this picture of me with Blink 182 to show how cool I'm really not."


Saturdays 10:AM – 12:PM & Sundays 6:PM – 8:PM

Each week Out Of Order with Stryker brings you the top 20 Alternative Rock songs, counted down in random order, up-and-coming bands, international acts, and artist interviews.

Aired across the U.S. and internationally, Out Of Order hosted by Ted Stryker is the longest running and most listened-to show of its kind.



Saturdays 12:PM – 2:PM & Sundays 8:PM – 10:PM

PASSPORT APPROVED - SAT 12pm-2pm SUN 8pm-10pm.jpg

Passport Approved is an internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show that airs on many stations in the U.S. and around the world. Passport Approved is the creation of British-born/Los Angeles-based DJ Sat Bisla, who was previously a DJ at KCRW and Indie 103.1FM in Los Angeles. Bisla also worked at a number of other music-intensive radio stations in Central California, including KKDJ "The Edge" Fresno, where he hosted/programmed a weekly import show and was also the station's Music Director.


Saturdays 9:PM – 11:PM


DJ Mike Czech and Malcolm REMIXXXING your Saturday night radio! SKRATCH N SNIFF is a two-hour long weekly syndicated radio mixshow heard in 50+ cities. 

SKRATCH N SNIFF was conceived back in the day by Malcolm, who decided that regular old radio was getting too predictable. What was missing was a show that could take the 2 biggest segments of music on the radio - rock and hip-hop - and blend them together to make an unbelievable mixshow. 


DJ Boo

Nights 7:PM – 5:AM & Weekend Slots

He’s a bit quiet, but keeps the music playing.