Steve Aoki X Rise Against X Tom Morello may be bringing fire

So, Steve Aoki is someone who can make music with whomever and now it appears (and sounds like) he’s got a collaboration happening with Rise Against (at least Tim anyways) and Tom Morello. What is it for, where’s it coming from, etc. ALL those details are going to drop soon, but thanks to Mr. Aoki, we get a SMALL sample of what’s to come. Check it below.

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AND FINALLY, Weezer covers 'Africa'

To follow up on last week’s Weezer trolling the @WeezerAfrica Twitter account by cover ‘Rosanna’ by Toto AND NOT ‘Africa’ – click here on how all this started

AND then today, the full culmination of all this – see below. As Weezer DOES FINALLY COVER ‘Africa’. Hurry, boy—it’s waiting there for you.

lus, in case you missed it, their ‘Rosanna’ cover is below. They could cover all of Toto IV at this point and I’d be cool with it

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That new Venom trailer tho..........check it out here.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Venom is getting his own stand-alone film from Columbia Pictures. That’s because the Sony-owned studio controls the rights to the Spider-Man universe, which is where Venom originated.

And to get totally in depth, Venom’s origin story — as dramatized in the new trailer — isn’t quite so convoluted. An investigative journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), discovers that the diabolical Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) is doing research with symbiotes, organisms that can merge with people and create superhuman hybrids. Eddie soon finds his body invaded by one of these creatures and battles to use his new powers for good, not evil. It looks cool, BUT maybe not a movie I need to rush out and see when it drops. Check the trailer below.

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Thirty Seconds To Mars declares it a 'Dangerous Night'
30STM Dangerous Night Blog Pic.jpg

So here's what we know on Thirty Seconds to Mars as of today. New song (below) called 'Dangerous Night'. Performing on Stephen Colbert tonight. NEW album out this Spring
Summer TOUR this year. And this song may be to my liking more than 'Walk On Water'. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Thoughts? 

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ALL the fests!!! Maybe not all, but a bunch
Fest Pic.jpg

Festival season is upon with every week/day, a festival announcing their lineup. A bunch of them are listed below, including a pretty good one AND is WAY affordable in Fresno, with even more on the way I'm sure.

Coachella - April 13th - 15th (and again the following weekend)


Coachella 2018 Blog pic.png

Shaky Knees Festival - Atlanta - May 4th - 6th

Shaky Knees 2018 Blog pic.png

Grizzly Fest - Fresno (The Central Valley!) - May 18th + 19th

Grizzly fest 2018 Blog pic.png

Bottlerock - Napa Valley - May 25th - 27th

Bottlerock 2018 Blog pic.png

Boston Calling - Massachusetts (obviously) SAME weekend as Bottlerock - May 25th - 27th

Boston Calling 2018 Blog pic.png

Bonnaroo (Happens in Tennessee) - June 7th - 10th

Bonnaroo 2018 Blog pic.png

Any of these with MUSE gets my money. AND don't sleep on that Grizzly Fest 2018 happening May 18th + 19th at Woodward Park in Fresno. The most affordable of the bunch.

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My Top 10 albums (yes, albums) of 2017
best of 2017 image.jpeg

Yes, I still listen to full albums and yes, some of these I actually paid for AND downloaded. Check them below with some videos too from some of them

  1. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Zombies on Broadway
  2. Cheap Trick - We're All Alright
  3. Lorde - Melodrama
  4. Liam Gallagher - As You Were
  5. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
  6. The XX - I See You
  7. Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark
  8. Rise Against - Wolves
  9. AFI - the Blood Album
  10. The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
  • Honorable Mention - Liam Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built the Moon? and Cage the Elephant - Unpeeled
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Panic! at the Disco drops surprise Christmas music

Panic! At The Disco have dropped a surprise Christmas song!

It's called 'Feels Like Christmas', and you can hear the track below and download it for free right here.

Brendan Irie adds............." Thank you all for making this year my favorite so far. Through the hard times and the beautiful moments, I’m glad we’re always there to lift each other up. I’m so excited for the new year and what’s to come,

"Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

I love ya

Jason Squires
Jack White is tripping me out. And I love it.
Jack White.png

Jack White has promised his upcoming third solo album will be “a bizarre one.” The first tease of the Lazaretto follow-up is certainly that, as the rock auteur has shared a mashup of snippets he’s dubbed, “Servings and Portions from my Boarding House Reach”. Um, watch the below. And you tell me. Like I feel high AF and I don't even do those things anymore.

Jason Squires
Tom Delonge and Travis Barker are still bros. What does it mean?

Since Instagram is the way to announce and tease things, or share what you are having for lunch, Tom Delonge took to IG over the weekend with the following verbiage (see pic of post below), “So Travis calls me and asks me to do an interview…next thing I know all these cameras have invaded my office, I have a feeling he just wanted some super hi-res footage of my body. And yes Blinkies, we also talked a bit about other stuff. #TravisAndTomHoldingHands.”

tom delonge.jpg

So, in my experience, Tom is the MASTER of getting Blinkies to start talking when he posts something like this. So, lets ask, what is it? The hint be a reunion with the Blink dudes or maybe the return of Box Car Racer, his short project with Barker. (see the video for 'I Feel So' below). Or is it something about aliens? Or nothing of that and something else. Follow Tom on the 'Grams and I'm sure all will be revealed soon

Jason Squires
The Neighbourhood drops new music with 'Scary Love'
the nbd logo.png

New music from the Neighbourhood dropped today, just two months after releasing their surprise Hard EP, the song is called 'Scary Love' and may be my favorite thing from them in a long time. The track, which is unusually danceable for a NBHD song, premiered today on overseas Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show, with Jesse Rutherford and the band appearing via video call to talk about the new music, revealing they're releasing a followup EP, appropriately titled To Imagine, coming Jan. 12 via Columbia Records. Check the song below.

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New Stone Temple Pilots music with their new lead singer

nd now we know. Stone Temple Pilots have revealed their new singer to be Jeff Gutt, a former contestant on the show the X-Factor. The band have shared their newest single ‘Meadow’, which you can stream below. Hammer opinion? Its not bad, but not mindblowing either. Take some time and give it a few listens.

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New Music from Bastille from the 'Bright' movie soundtrack

Check it out! New music from Bastille from the 'Bright' soundtrack. Bright is the first full length feature film from Netflix. The film will premiere exclusively on Netflix on December 22nd. See the video for the new Bastille track 'World Gone Mad' below along with the trailer for 'Bright' as well.

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Thirty Seconds to Mars celebrates America with 'Walk On Water' video

Remember when 30STM was looking for YOUR footage from summertime for the 'Walk on Water' video? Well, it's here now. The official music video is a just a sneak peek into the upcoming documentary film, “A Day in the Life of America.” Filmed on a single day, July 4th, 2017, in all 50 States, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico by 92 professional film crews, 10,000 fan submissions, news and social media content, director Jared Leto presents a unique and historic portrait of America on a single day. 

Thirty Seconds to Mars encourages people to continue the conversation by posting thoughts and images across social media to #WhatAmericaMeansToMe


Jason Squires
Weezer has 'Happy Hour' on the Late Late Show with James Corden

Weezer has an awesome new album out called 'Pacific Daydream', they just announced they'll tour the US with the Pixies next year and they were on 'the Late Late Show with James Corden' last night performing 'Happy Hour' from the new album.

Plus, someone in the Weezer camp hooked me up with these SWEET Weezer 'Happy Hour' glasses. Cheers friends.

weez happy hour 1.jpg
Eric Fahnoe