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Hometown - Ventura

Get the rest of their album, Iterations, on bandcamp @


Jacob Cole

Unless you hate incredible music, you're going to want to check out Jacob Cole with Trouble.

His Instagram: @jacobcolemusic
His bandcamp: 




Four Day Beard

"Feel Like I Might Disintegrate" brought home second place in the Open category in last year’s New Times Music Awards.

These guys are in the studio working on a new album right now, hit them up online to keep up on their progress!
twitter: @fourdaybeard
instagram: @fourdaybeard



Formed in March of 2015, Hightides is an American Pop-Punk band hailing from the Central Coast of California. Pismo Beach to be exact.

Band Members - Cody, Alex, Matthew & Zach

Find Hightides on Facebook or listen to Hightides on Bandcamp. For bookings, email


Chris LAmbert

Check out "Gregory" from Chris Lambert.'s new album The Blue Hour.

Find out why we <3 him so much. You can purchase his music at


The Only Ocean

Meet our very first SLOCAL feature, The Only Ocean, and then feel free to make a wager on how quickly they regretted allowing us to exploit them on air. Just don't tell us about it, cause gambling is illegal and we would NEVER....
The Only Ocean is on FaceBook, instagram (@theonlyocean) & bandcamp:


The Silvertongues

Three of the most dedicated, creative, and fun to be around dudes we've ever had the pleasure of meeting, The Silvertongues have put more into their album than we could ever imagine. Like, serious effort. What's that like?
Their album comes with so much more than you'd expect and these dudes deserve the support. Hit them up on Facebook.


The Vacant Shapes

ALT 93.7 and is the only place to hear The Vacant Shapes on air.
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Warp & Woof

Coming soon...



Local legend Wordsauce is always playing shows throughout the the central coast and plays a huge role in our local scene, and we can't thank them enough for their help in making SLOCAL what it is today: the only place to find killer local music made right in your backyard. They have been such a friend to all of the 805 bands, so make sure to check their Facebook so you can stay current on all things Wordsauce:

Church mouse

Church Mouse; rock 'n' roll band to the stars. Band Members - Zach Huneycutt, Dylan Williams, Nick Long, Beau Manning, Sam Wellard

Hometown - Lompoc

Influences - Twin Peaks, Troll 2, the Room, Son of the Mask

Find Church Mouse on Facebook or listen to Church Mouse on Bandcamp.


Dog Party

Just when you thought SLOCAL couldn't get any cooler, or just when you thought SLOCAL seriously needed to work on being cooler.. whichever...check out Dog Party w/ "'Til You're Mine," from their album of the same name. Find out how to grab their album by checking out their page, and get to know them a little better by following them on tumblr @



Prepare for a band that made you laugh, cry, and have an existential crisis. You're gonna want to prepare yourself, and you may want to take a cold shower afterward.
The Friendos makes a fabulously oxymoronic blend of alt-pop and nihilism. Their album debuts on May 29th, and we've got their single Pop! on SLOCAL today! Check them out on Facebook, but obviously, check them out on air first (duh).


The Hopeless Romantics

Look at these guys! Just look at them. You're into them already, right? Right. The Hopeless Romantics have a sound like nothing else you've heard on ALT 100.9
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Nothing Ever Stays

You know it wouldn't be a party without Nothing Ever Stays

These guys have been friends to SLOCAL since the beginning, and have been a huge part of our local scene for much longer. Listen in to hear "What We Haven't Lost" and make sure to stop by their site to buy their album and some merch!


Richard Shackleford

Next up is Richard Shackelford, member of the local band The Vacant Shapes, solo artist, and a true slocal. Check out Small Stones from Richard Shackelford today on SLOCAL at 12:20!



Catch your new #1 band, Slumped w/ "Miss Me."


Valley of the Bears

Valley of the Bears is a solo project by Milan Vrajich of Nothing Ever Stays. He's got some stuff in the works that we're super stoked on, and today we get to hear his single, Cemetery Trees, released last Halloween.
Available for purchase:
Hit him up on Facebook and Instagram: @valleyofthebears!


The Wild Young Hearts

These guys aren't technically in the central coast right now (they're in LA) Check out The Wild Young Hearts album "Hoodlums" on bandcamp, follow them on Instagram @thewildyounghearts. 



Comings soon...